Can You Train Me In The Pool Business? Can You Teach Me How To Take Care Of My Pool?

First, if you want to know more than most of the pool men in the industry, go through this site.
Then, if you want more, we offer:
Homeowner Training:
        Do You want training on "YOUR" pool, "YOUR" equipment, at your home? We offer pool training for homeowners on their own equipment. The training is quite thorough, including things to look for, weekly, monthly, every couple months, twice a year, annual, ... equipment service needs. Since we cover just about everything, we recommend that you video tape the entire training session for future reference. Flowcharts and guides to make maintaining pool water chemistry easy are handed out. All of the regular service information from how to adjust all equipment for maximum cleanliness, what needs to be done, when, how, why, ... projected costs to maintain, estimated lifespans on existing equipment, recommendations for replacement when the time comes, all questions are answered, all details are covered, ... I guarantee that you will have all the answers, or you can call and get them.
Planning on getting into the business, we offer:
Pool Man Training:
      I train individuals for their own business, or to work for another company. There are two areas of study: Service & Repair. Again, I advise they video tape all of the sessions. Every aspect of the repairs we are performing is covered, along with the mindset for both the diagnosis and success with the repair. I believe in the hands on approach, and as much as possible, the service tech, or repair tech in training will do all of the work. Prices are very reasonable given the time involved, and the quality of the training. I have trained over a dozen people in service, and a dozen people in repair work, many of whom are still in the business.
        If you have a repair that needs doing, and you want to learn, give me a call, or send me an e-mail. (Click HERE)