What Pool Surface Should I Get?
There are many different types of surfaces available. You can get a vinyl lined pool, a fiberglass coated pool, a pebble tech pool, a regular plaster pool ... what's best.

Based on over 30 years of experience, get the pebble based finish. Don't worry too much about getting the "smoothed" versions as, after the first week or so, no regular user of the pool will scrape toes or knuckles on the surface. I have never had anyone report differently.

Pebble tech is almost indestructible in comparison to regular plaster pools. It hides stains, defects ... that will cause plaster or fiberglass owners nightmares. Life span on pebble tech, when properly installed and maintained, is about 20 years. I have had many clients who have purchased plaster or all white marble dust ... pools that have had to resurface their pools again after 5-7 years because of surface stains and issues that would have been invisible in pebble tech pools.

Do no EVER get a fiberglass pool. Cobalt spotting, delamination ... all kinds of issues exist most of which require complete removal and reapplication of the surface to resolve.

Some caveats:

Pebble tech is ONLY a BELOW WATER LINE poll coating. Anything at or below the water line will discolor, crack, delaminate, fall apart ... so you need to keep a tile line. NO PEBBLE TECH AT, OR ABOVE, THE WATER LINE. GET TILE.

There are different qualities of tile as well. stay away from the laser printed stuff. It has inferior glazing, and can't be cleaned without damage to the surface, and it discolors in the sun. 

More on tile: Get a beige, tan ... lighter color with a darker pattern throughout. Why? Because the biggest eyesore with tile is being able to see the calcium line that will form at the water line. Lighter tile colors hide that better. HOWEVER, a single colored lighter tile will shows a dark oil line that is just as ugly. Therefore the best of both worlds: Full tile line, lighter primary shade with a darke pattern throughout.     

If you have more questions ... call or e-mail