Unless you have a HUGE custom pool with multiple pumps and filters, multiple skimmers will not be an asset. It will cost you in every way. Plus, in most cases, 95% of the debris will go in only one of the 2 or more skimmers anyway.

        Where should it go? In the center of the wall the prevailing wind blows "To". The prevailing wind for the Phoenix area is "E". In other words it blows "FROM" the East "TO" the West most of the time. Thus all skimmers in this area SHOULD go in the middle of the west wall of the pool. Many pool manufacturers will ignore this because they do not want to come out of pocket for the cost of additional plumbing to move the skimmer there, and thus try to get you to put the skimmer as close to the equipment as is possible.

        Yes, if you are planning on a huge pool with special designs, multiple pumps and filters, a lazy river, a diving pool attached to a full play pool ... a kiddie pool attached to a regular pool ... these things may need to be altered to some extent. If that's the case, get my contact information and call or e-mail me. I answer questions over the phone for free.