What is the Best Shape of a Pool?

For cleanliness ... Ideally a perfect circle or oval. Why? Water circulation. No sharp edges, energy efficiency, no eddies, ...


I can't stand swimming in round/oval pools and the functionality is lousy.

My recommendation is a perfect rectangle with a small cutout on one side to add steps (Another small rectangle added to the larger pool rectangle.) With 1-2 additional returns to prevent eddies in that area. Why?

A rectangle allows for pool volleyball, basketball, beach ball activities ... activities that people of all ages can enjoy. (And thus my recommendations for a play pool depth of 5' or so in the middle of the rectangle down to 2 1/2 or 3 feet at each end. See depth recommendations. ) Eventually the kids grow up, we get older ... and diving boards, and not being able to put our feet on solid ground loses its appeal.

The reason for adding the other rectangle cutout for the steps is that if you are playing games in your rectangular pool, stumbling over, or standing on steps to play can be a pain, quite literally, as you trip over them.

These things said, you may have special needs, desires, a ton of space, and grandiose design ideas. Get my contact information and call me. I answer questions over the phone for free. There are always reasons for deviating from a standard design. The idea is to maximize long term usefulness, minimize cleaning issues and algae growth issues, and keep your costs over the life of the pool, down with the least hassles possible.