Pool Depth has a lot to do with design. Do you have kids on the diving team? If not, consider this. Non-divers spend 95% of their time in water that is 5' deep or less. If your average family height is not 6' tall, they will probably not use anything deeper than that 95% of the time. So why spend all that money on circulating that additional water, sanitizing that additional water, cleaning that additional water, cleaning filters more often ... on areas that you will almost never use.

    A study in a pool manufactures magazine said that unless children were on dive teams, after the age of 12, few people spend time in the deep end of any pool. 

    If you aren't going t use it, why are you going t spend the money on it. If you do have kids on the dive team, design your pool, and get the same equipment he/she will be using at the dive meets or they will be disappointed and won't use it as often either. That is a definite cost increase, plus most of the other "non-divers" will rarely use it.

    Ultimately tough ... it is your pool. get what you want.