Finding a Good Pool Contractor

            I do not do pool resurfacing. My recommendation is that you get estimates from ALL the major pool manufactures that you recognize, and then get estimates from 2-3 of the "smaller" companies that you don't recognize for the exact same work.
            So far, the estimates for the same exact work, from the smaller companies tend to run 30-40% less than the largest companies. But here's the problem with the smaller companies. "Some of them" will not be here in 5 years. Even if they are outstanding, one mistake, one injury, ... and they are out of business for good.
            So you got a longer warrantee, a much better price, but they are out of business. Oh well, you lose. Your warrantee  means nothing.
            Here's the problem with the bigger companies, while even with a number of law suits, injuries, mistakes, ... they will still be in business 30 years from now. Getting solutions can be a bit of a problem, so check the better business bureau and Angie's list, ... to see which of the bigger companies takes the best care of their customers.
            Here's why you got the estimates from the smaller companies. You are going to use those "lower" quotes to get a lower price from the larger companies. Go to them and tell them that you would love to use them, but that you simply can't justify spending 37% (or whatever the number is) more for the exact same work. If you have ever watched the bargaining on Pawn Stars, you have an idea of how this is done. You should be able to get the exact same work for approximately 25% less than the initial price quoted. Stick with it, and be patient. If you like two of the major companies, play them against each other as well.