There are a lot of fancy lights out there, LED, Fiber Optics, ... that will allow you to pick your pool color in accordance with your mood, and/or change color gradually through the entire spectrum of visible light, ... they will even allow you to "mix" the colors now. The wiring is basically the same for all of them, and the electrical code remains the same as well. So single color all the time, or multiple colors, and what choices do you want available, are a part of the decision making process. Note: Water naturally looks "blue" you don't need to have a blue lens in your light to have your pool water look "blue". yes, you can spend an extra $150
and get a "blue" "glass" replacement lens, but the light output is significantly decreased, and the heat build up inside the light, is greater. A blue lens holds in / absorbs more heat.
                What doesn't make sense is that some people spend 95% of the money for a big light in their pool, and only get a dinky one that doesn't put out any "light". Ok, it puts out some, enough to light the area comparable to a spa. (Which they were designed to be used in.) They really look like the customer couldn't afford a real light, and had to skimp due to a lack of finances. They are perfect for a spa, but, if you can afford a pool, make sure you get a real "pool" light.
            Remote controls - Yes, you can get a remote control for just about everything, the x-10 system, originally put out by radio shack, is, by comparison, cheap, and can control just about anything, lights, pool motors, shoot, I had mine hooked up to both our pool equipment, lighting system, and the misting system I installed. We could turn on the misters over the cave / water fall in the pool, and/or the ones over the tanning deck, the misters hanging from the 40 ' ponderosa pines that were designed to look like tree limbs, the barbecue area, back porch, picnic area, ... along with pump for the waterfall over the cave, ... (And yes, I can do all of that. The question is, are you going to spend the money to do it, and are you going to spend the money to do the upkeep.) Since I did the install, I did the upkeep as well. I don't sell, or install products that I won't buy and install at my house. (There are some exceptions, but I always warn customers before they make such decisions.)
                That about covers it: Size of Light, Color(s) of Light, Light Controls