Floating Chlorinators / Should I Get A Floating Chlorinator? How Should I Adjust My Floating Chlorinator? How Do I Know How Many Chlorine Tabs To Add to My Floating Chlorinator?



        The best, simplest, cheapest Chlorination and Sanitation option:

         The best and cheapest option is to pick up a simple blue and White (Adjustable) Floating chlorinator then adjust it, and add tabs in accordance with the "Proper Water Chemistry" instructions.

                 No ducks, sharks ... as most of those are not “as adjustable”, and this lack of range of adjustability, and sometimes ANY adjustability, makes these unacceptable for pool use here in the Valley of the Sun. In most cases, if you do not have the length of the side slits of the chlorinators in the picture, you won’t be able to keep the pool chlorine readings constant for a 7 day period.

Again, the widest degree of adjustments is better than only small slits that cannot be opened wider. You are looking for range of adjustment, so that you do not waste chlorine, and bleach everything out, nor do you end up with a green pool, or pink eye because the levels are not strong enough. You want a chlorinator, not a pool decoration.


I have had clients who like the ducks ... I tell them to put a rock in their "decoration" to hold it level in their pool, and pick up a real chlorinator to do the chlorination. Hopefully the manufacturers will start listening and “improving” the decorations, then you can have both at the same time.


There are 2 sizes of chlorinators above, one for “Normal pools” and a high capacity chlorinator for very large pools, or pools with high usage, dirt & debris loads, …


The reason this beats all of the salt systems, in line chlorinators, … is ease of adjustment, ease of monitoring the amount of chlorine remaining in the chlorinator (By how much of it sits out of the water), Constant chlorination regardless of the operating times of the equipment, cost, …

If your equipment shuts off, your motor dies, your impeller gets plugged, your baskets get full, your pump looses prime, … someone misadjusts your timer, or the trippers get loose and your pool only comes on an hour a day, your cartridge filter is so plugged with dirt, debris, calcification that it doesn’t allow any water past it, …this type of chlorinator is the only one that will save you an extra hundred + dollars, by keeping the chlorine reading in your pool. All the others require the equipment to be operating correctly.