Pump, Motor or Impeller Problem

Pump / Motor Problems that can Lead to Green or Cloudy Water 


1.)         Your Pump Impeller is Plugged or Damaged. Which can occur by not having the handle on the basket still attached properly, letting debris fall into the pot when cleaning the basket, … or, because


2.)         Your Pump Basket is Split, Cracked or is Missing. (Which is often cause by having a Split, Cracked or is Missing skimmer basket, or one that lifts up and allows debris past it as well, or by a cleaning system puling in too much debris and splitting the basket, …)


3.)         Your motor windings are "partially fried", or the rotation has actually reversed due to inner shorts in the motor (Note: This is extremely rare.)


4.)         One more … Keep that pump lid O-ring cleaned and lubed on all sides. Pull it completely off, clean all contact O-ring contact points completely, and re-lube the O-ring completely on all sides with an appropriate lube. I prefer silicone lube to Teflon as it lasts longer. Just be sure it is lube and not sealant, or you are going to curse life.
5.) Your Pool Motor actually died. Could be no sound at all, just humming followed by tripped breakers, ... First be sure it isn't an electrical problem (Disconnect the power from the motor itself, hook up your electrical tester, turn power back on. Do you have 220-240 v?) Turn power off again, separate pump halves, remove impeller, remove rear pump plate from motor, replace seal and all gaskets and o-rings, lube all gaskets and o-rings, reassemble, lining up everything as it should be. No, this is not an easy process. Better to call a repair man. But, for the sake of argument, you can go through the steps of diagnosis described HERE to see if you want to give this a shot from a diagnosis standpoint. At least, that way, you can see if it really is your motor.
         Most of the numbers above are usually accompanied by very low system pressures, melted baskets and melted fittings, pump leaks on both the suction and pressure sides, ... . Because of the difficulties involved with diagnosis, disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of most pumps, and many of the problems associated with these issues, it is often better to call a repair person at this point.


Save yourself HUNDREDS! Keep your pump and skimmer baskets in good condition, and clean the pot out when you clean the basket.
Note: For those thinking that are thinking that you can save money by ordering online, understand that there are a number of other things that you will want, like what is called a "go kit" with all the seals, gaskets, o-rings, ...  Will I save money buy buying on the internet? Click HERE for more information.