Heaters Problems - Pool & Spa

        I have literally dozens of repair manuals for Gas, Propane, Electric, ... Heaters and Heat Pumps. Obviously I cannot go over all the details of every possible repair, on every one of these. Since we are usually dealing with "High Voltage", and/or Explosive gasses, most service and repairs should be left to pool professionals. That said, some of the details of what is involved are listed in these sub-categories.
        One more thing, if you are planning on using your heater on a fairly regular basis, and it is over 10 years old, new efficiency ratings, and other technologies, might make considering a replacement for your current heater a good idea. If this is the case, and your repair bill is going to be over $600-$700, examining your other options  for heating is a good thing. Click HERE for more.
The following Categories pertain to Heater Problems and Repair:
            Annual Maintenance
            High Operating Costs
            Operating Instructions
            Preventive Plumbing / Service
            Heater Won't Heat
            If you have other topics that you have interest in, that aren't covered here, or aren't covered in enough detail, please feel free to e-mail me at aawesomeinc@hotmail.com .