Plugged Suction Pipes

        The best solution is to prevent the problem. In general, plugged lines are due to suction side cleaners with no floating collection device (Like a leaf canister) in line. This means all of the leaves, sticks, ... that are picked up, go through all of the plumbing lines and directly into the pump basket.
            Some other things that this might be are:
                1.) A Plugged Pump Impeller
         2.) A Suction side Leak
You might want to check these first.
        Ok, so it's not a suction leak, or a plugged impeller, and you are pretty sure that it is a plugged line. What do your do?
        1.) Find a Canvas Blow Bag. (No, I don't like rubber, they burst too easily.)
        2.) Shut off your Equipment
        3.) Remove everything from the line you believe to be plugged. This includes:
            a.) The cleaning system
            b.) The wall fitting the cleaning system plugged into (Normally unscrews counterclockwise)
            c.) Anything else that is not hard plumbed to the equipment area.
        4.) If you do not have an in-line leaf catcher, you will need to take the lid off your pump.
        5.) Turn all suction side valves so that 100% of all the water flow to the pump would be coming from the line you believe to be plugged. Note: If one of the valves is hard to turn, chances are that your blockage is at that valve. Disassemble, check, clean, and lube, and reassemble,
        6.) Shove the canvas blow bag as far as you can get it into the pipe at the front of the pump.
        7.) Turn on the water and look for any debris at all to blow back into the pool. Once the debris stops coming into the pool ...
        8.) Shut off the water remove the blow bag, put the pump lid back on, and turn on the equipment.
        9.) If the blockage gets sucked into the pump basket, clean the basket, reassemble the pump, and you are clear to go. If not, restart the process from step number 2.
        10.) If you have a metal coat hanger, you can shove it into the suction side fitting while the blow bag is blowing water and see if you can loosen anything up.
        If you are still having problems, send me an e-mail with the details of the situation and I will see what I can do.