Pressure Issues

            If your pool filter pressure is Too High,
            If you have floor heads, click HERE, first.
            If that is not your issue, please read the "Maintenance" page on your filter type HERE first.
            If you are still having an issue with extremely high filter pressure (i.e.) 30 lbs. or more, contact me immediately at, and get me as many details as to the equipment, cleaning systems, when the problem started occurring, things that might be related, ... and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 
           If your pool filter pressure is Too Low,
            If your filters pressure is too low, first check to be sure that it really is low, and not just a problem with a faulty pressure gauge. Look for signs of poor pressure, i.e. low suction, cleaning systems not working, no ripple on the water from the returns or floor heads, ... If everything "looks good", and you have great suction, and your water is clear, you probably just have a bad pressure gauge. With the equipment off, using wrenches on both the pressure gauge, and on the fitting it is attached to, carefully loosen and remove the old gauge. Using a "plasto" joint stick or Teflon tape, ... being careful not to get any over the opening in the new pressure gauge, install the new pressure gauge, again using wrenches, being careful not to put any undo stresses on any of the parts. snug is good.
            If you still have a problem with low pressure, click HERE.
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