None of My Pool Equipment Works. What Should I Do?

        First go through the electrical diagnosis page (Click HERE)
        This will give you an idea of the process for the diagnosis. Next understand that all the power being gone is not a good sign. First look for a Pool Sub-Panel. (Or TWO. I have had half the equipment fail to work, found what I thought to be the only sub panel, only to discover a second one with the main breaker tripped.)
        Disconnect, or shut off, all pool equipment. Then see if you can reset the breakers. Again, chances are slim that this will work. That said, I have had it work. The entire equipment area had been flooded earlier that week, and all of the motors, ... had been fried. This is rare though.
            Chances are that one of the wires in the conduit fried and arc welded another, which arc welded another, ... and all new electrical will need to be run. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Call a Pool Professional with a lot of electrical experience. There are "lower" cost options to digging a 1' deep trench from the panel to the pool equipment. If I can be of help, e-mail me.