Diving Board Replacement

            There are different types of replacement. Anything involving the bolts anchoring the assembly to the decking, is not a home owner repair. In most cases, NOONE should replace this, but a "pool builder" who replaces the entire slab and the diving board anchoring hardware.
            Can you replace the board itself, by yourself? Depends on the board. Depends on you? Are you willing to bet your life that you are going to get it done correctly? How about the lives of your kids? Your friends kids, ... will you bet their lives? That is EXACTLY what you are doing. Be wise.
            Will I repair your diving board? Will I replace just the board on your diving board? Possibly, once I actually talk with the manufacturer. Possibly not. Think about this: Do you know more than me? Are you more capable than I am? Hopefully this scares you. If it doesn't, then you probably aren't smart enough to replace your diving board.