Diving Board Repair

        If you didn't read the introduction page, please read this first. Click HERE.
        Diving board repair can fall into different categories.
            1.) The board itself:
                    a.) The Board Itself is "damaged". REPLACE IT!!! There is no way to patch, Fix, ... the board itself. If the anchoring points of the board are damaged, replace it. If the Board itself is cracked, frayed, ... replace it, ... 
                    b.) The board is discolored, has surface rust, stained, ... Paint it using an exterior latex paint of the EXACT SAME COLOR. If you need too, you can get some clean, dry, course sand, sprinkle it over the first damp coat of paint, using a roller. Let it dry, and then recoat.  
            2.) The Bolts or Anchoring Hardware of the board to the base:
                    a.) Are damaged - Replace them.
                    b.) Are Rusted - Replace them.
                    c.) Are Loose - Torque Wrench to 110 lbs. Tighten them if you can. If not, Replace them. If there is play in holes of the board at all, replace the board.
            3.) The Bolts or Anchoring Hardware of the board to the base:
                    a.) If these are damaged in any way shape or form, my suggestion is to get rid of your board and cut the bolts off flush with the decking and be done. There is no patch, or repair that I would trust. You are risking your life, and the lives of everyone who uses the board. 
        Can you "replace" the anchor bolts in the deck? Yes, you can hammer drill them completely out of the deck. put in a new plate with new bolts, and refill the hole. Would I ever do that? Nope. Not ever. Can you bust out the entire section of decking, COMPLETELY, and pour an entire new slab with diving board anchors? Yes. Have a pool builder, that you have checked out, do the repair.