Diving Board Problems

Diving Boards


        First, I do not recommend pools with diving boards, or even pools with deep ends. In over 25 years, I have yet to see a pool with a deep end that is regularly used by the home owners once the kids reach the age of about 16, unless those kids are on the “School Diving Team". Two exceptions in the   thousands of pools, that I have serviced and repaired, is not a good track record. A "Play Pool" will be used, even by grandparents, throughout its entire length and width, and for their entire lives.


        Ok, so you have a diving pool. There are many "Diving Pools" out there, and many have aging equipment. I normally stay away from diving board “repairs”. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread ... is a proper statement that applies to most areas of diving board repair. I normally suggest that the home owner contact one of the "major pool manufacturers" from the area to do ALL of these types of repairs, unless all they want to do is clean the surface (Use a 1 to 4 Muriatic acid/water solution and be careful not to let any get on the deck. Use a little on a small surface area, with a brush (Wear gloves) and rinse it off after a few seconds.)


        Any board that has any cracks should be considered unsafe. I know of families who have ignored this advice and buried one of their children because of it. Diving boards, even well maintained are very dangerous, and they encourage behaviors that are even more dangerous. Personally, if I owned a pool with a diving board, and my son wasn't on the dive team, I'd unbolt the board and take a grinder to the bolts so a new one could not be easily put in. If you are unwilling to do this, then call one of the big companies and have them replace your board. The smaller companies cannot afford installation mistakes, where, if they are sued, because a family member is hurt or killed due to a faulty installation, or unseen defect. Of course, if thy do make a mistake that costs your family a price no person ever wants to pay, the smaller companies just declare bankruptcy, or sell their business and restart under another name. Like I said, use a big name company.


        And yes, if your board is over 10 years old, even over 6 years old, I lean towards replacement and not repair. The sun is hell on all exposed polymers and fiberglass materials. Add the stresses of 200lb., plus people bouncing on them, and I would not bet my life, or the lives of those I care about, on an old diving board. And no, I do not replace them. No, I do not repair them. As I said, I consider them dangerous and risky at best, and what I am gambling with is the future of those I love. I will stick to play pools and playing football, keep away, basketball and volleyball, pelt each other with water balls, .... While we still get hurt, on occasion, getting hit in the face, or someplace else, with a ball does a lot less damage than getting hit in the face with the side of the pool, or a snapped diving board.


        I would not like the feeling I would have to live with if I sold a diving board, repaired a diving board, or replaced a diving board, and while having some fun one of your kids broke his back, his neck, or outright died using it. For this reason, if you need a diving board, I suggest you call the biggest companies and have them do your work.