Suction Side Cleaning System Problems

            Since they have come up with about 30 different suction side cleaners in the last year or so, this topic could easily become the largest category on the site. Here's the thing. Unless you have a problem that you would like detailed help with, and want to take the time to e-mail me on it, I am not going to add a lot of information that no one is looking for. So, ... if you really have a cleaner that you want detailed help with, send me an e-mail with the make, model, age, last rebuild date, what was rebuilt, ... and I will add a category to the list to cover your exact cleaner, IN GREAT DETAIL AND I WILL SEND YOU A TREPLY e-mail WITH ALL OF THOSE DETAILS INCLUDED. 
            If you don't ask, I will assume that the cleaner is one of those that no one is interested in, so nothing will be published on it. If you think your suction side cleaner is the greatest thing since pizza and sliced meat were invented, let me know. If you think the cleaner you have is junk, let me know that as well. I don't mind including the comments of others, and even if a pool man is servicing 75 accounts, he will probably only see a half dozen, of the thousand or so, suction cleaners during his week. So, ... if you want to know ask, that you may receive... Here's my e-mail address: