Cleaning System Repair

        There are literally thousands of types, models, ... of pool cleaning systems. A few have been discontinued for years, but are still in some pools, and still need to be repaired. There will probably be 20-30 new models put out this year alone. No, I cannot tell you how to service all of them.
            That said, I will try. If you have a cleaning system not listed here already, send me an e-mail at, and I will do some research, type up a personal response for your specific problem, and then post those things on the site for others to take a look at as well. I enjoy learning. Besides, you never know when I will come across the same system in the field (Or a similar system.) So if you don't see your system listed, drop me a line.
                There are (2) major types of systems. They are:
Click on the one that describes best, what you have in your pool.