How Do I fix a Pool Leak Above Ground?

        Keep in mind that a small leak, or two, where the water is just "dripping" is actually beneficial for your pool. I had a couple for years and never fixed them. It kept me from needing to drain and refill the pool every single year. That said, some of the details on valves, fittings, ... that I prefer are listed HERE.
            Can you do your own plumbing? Quite possibly. Matching up angles, finding the right parts and fittings, ... can be an issue. Can I teach you how to plumb on a web page, and do so with any proficiency? Nope. Beyond my skill level. It took me a couple of years of plumbing multiple items a week to get proficient. If you need help, and you are in area, check out the contact information and give me a call. (Click HERE)
        Should you decide that you want to try and do this yourself, I like "Christie's Red Hot Pool Glue". I don't even use a primer, and haven't done so for over 20 years. Always use schedule 40 (or 80) pipe. I don't even measure anything anymore. You will need to measure, measure again, cut, check lengths again, ... and, when you glue, you must be prepared to 1.) push the fittings FULLY onto the pipe in a second or so, and 2.) Turn the fitting to the exact correct angle, again, in that 1-2 seconds.
            These are the major reasons why I don't believe that most plumbing repairs should be completed by home owners. If you really want to try this yourself, you can  go to my contact page and ask me further questions.