Leaks - Structural

        Structural Leaks, in the pool surface, usually take the form of cracks. These can be in the pool surface, tile line, ... or, the connections between the skimmer and the pool structure where the skimmer meets up with the tile. IN MOST CASES, CRACKS DO NOT LEAK WATER. That said, if there is any doubt, do the tests on the previous page.
            One more test that can be done, is to take an old syringe, and some phenol red (pH testing solution) or food coloring, and squirt a tiny amount of this into the crack, or location where you suspect a leak. If the coloring gets "sucked in", and doesn't dissipate into the surrounding water, then you do have a leak at that location.
            My preferred fix is simply to get white A & B epoxy putty mix it up, and squeeze it into the cracks, smooth it out, and be done. In most cases, these are settling cracks, and no patch will last forever. Sanding of sharp edges, with wet dry sand paper or emery cloth might be necessary, especially with cracks in tile itself. 
            So what's the permanent solution? Get the entire pool redone by a reputable company for help in how to do this, (Click HERE)