Heater Leaks

Heater  Leaks Occur in one of the following areas:
        1.) The Exterior Plumbing:
                    Most of the time this can be replumbed just like any plumbing leak. (You can see where this type of heater leak is.)
(The following leaks come from areas that you cannot see, and require disassembly of portions of the heater to pin down.)
         2.) From the Heater Manifold:
            This is the rarest of the leak locations.
     3.) From the Heat Exchanger(s):
            This is the most common leak area. The copper heat exchangers have developed (a) hole(s), and require replacing.
        In almost all cases, repairs in categories #2 and #3 are going to exceed $700-$800 just for the parts involved. Usually the total is $1500 or more. Before you consider these repairs, or even calling a repair tech, read the following for more information on newer heaters or heat pumps: Click HERE You might want to consider other options, including removing the heater altogether.