Disclaimer and First Steps to Any Pool Repair

First: If you have a leak or electrical problem, shut everything off at the electrical breaker panel




 Rule #2: If you aren't absolutely sure you know what you are doing, and that you can do it safely without risk to yourself, others, your property or your equipment, CALL A POOL SERVICE & REPAIR PROFESSIONAL

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We Offer:

 Weekly Pool Service

One-time Pool Cleaning Service Including:

Green-To-Clean Service (Filtration, Water Chemistry)

Monsoon Emergency Cleanup

Pool Startup Service


We also Offer:

Training Geared to Your Pool / Equipment

New Pool Design & Equipment Consultations
Pool Inspections & Recommendations

*      Disclaimer for the information contained on this site:  

               " While every effort has been made to provide the very best solutions, many variables and unknowns preclude accurate assessments and specific recommendations for ANY "Specific situation on ANY web site. This site is designed to assist pool owners in understanding the "Possible" options that "May" be available to solve their current problems. Following advise from anyone other than a qualified Service professional WHO HAS BEEN TO YOUR HOME AND HAS PERSONALLY INSPRECTED YOUR PROBLEM, is dangerous. DO NOT DO IT! If you do choose to use ANY of the information listed here, you assume all liability and responsibility for your choices. Some of the chemicals listed, when combined improperly with others can KILL YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR PETS, NEIGHBORS, …  
            Accurate diagnostics of  any specific pool problems via internet, phone or any other method EXCEPT a personal, “on-site” inspection by a qualified pool repair expert is NEVER recommended.   ALL information provided on this site, and via phone, is purely informational and to be used for reference, and guide for, and list of, "Possible" solutions only.
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