Make 20% of the Profits

        How would you like to make 20% of what I make(profits) just for making a phone call or two? It's this simple:
1.) Find someone who needs repair work done on their pool and get the details of what needs to be done.
2.) If You want to be the sole contact with the customer:
        a.) Tell your customer that your repair tech will get right back to them because you need to see when your "Repair Guy" can be available to do the work.
              b.) Call me with all of the details from step 1 and I will give you a quote based on the information you give me. I will give you:
                        i.) An estimate based on the information you gave me.
                           ii.) Any additional things that might alter the price. i.e. pool light not working is, most likely a bad bulb. 85% of the time. It could also be related to the GFCI or other electrical, or the housing on the light itself could be bad, letting in water, or a short in the cord itself.
                iii.) My Guy will locate the exact problem, and I will contact you if he finds anything out of the ordinary. The service call to do the diagnostic is $______ and, if it is the bulb, the total will be $______. He needs to have a check handy at the time of completion(For jobs under $200.) or a deposit check for $______ (For jobs over $200.) For big jobs, the customer will also sign a written estimate for the services to be performed prior to the start of work. (It protects them because they have a written quote, and it protects us, as the form states that all parts and equipment installed remain my property until payment is received in full.)
              c.) Tell the customer the quote, book the work with them , and call me back so I can schedule it in. 
3.) If you just want me to handle everything and give them a quote, do the work, pick up the check, and deposit the 20% in your account, just get me all of the information you have on the repair, and the customers name and phone number, and I will call them and handle everything for you.
4.) I will notify you, and/or them, (your preference) :
        a.) When I am on my way to the job site.
        b.) When I arrive on site
        c.) Of anything I find while doing the repair that may alter the completed price
        d.) When the job is completed
               e.) When I have a Check
                f.) When the 20% is deposited to your account. (Note: Most "in-state" checks clear within 24 hours.)
        I guarantee ALL of my "Installations" FOREVER!
        The parts warrantees are carried by the manufacturers of the parts / equipment. If there is ever a problem created by defects in the "installation", it is covered forever. Manufacturers warrantees are handled by the manufacturer, and are subject to their terms and conditions. I have no control over these, but I always strive to put in the best parts available. That said, 1-3% of all new motor installs will fail within a year, no fault of mine, that's just the odds on new motors. The odds on other parts are different.
        Note: Should a part fail within the warrantee period, and should the parts house agree to exchange the item, standard Removal & Replacement rates still apply.
        Also, 2005 was the last time I made a mistake and had to cover it. I have pool professionals that use me 2 times a week on average, for over 5 years, that have never had a complaint, have resulted in them getting an A+ repair rating on Angie's List for their repair work and service. 
Join the team. I work to make you look great.