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For:  "Pool & Spa Service & Repair" in:
 Mesa, AZ
Tempe, AZ
Gilbert, AZ
Chandler, AZ
Most of the East Valley
Or, if you want to avoid doing the work, don't have the time to  solve the problems, yourself, and you just want reliable, trustworthy "SOLUTIONS" to your problems from someone with almost 30 years of Pool and Spa service and repair experience in the Valley of the Sun, Please contact the owner and creator of this site:





(480) 688-0659

Note: Out of area, or "Unknown Number" calls are not accepted by my phone. Please e-mail questions to me if you have an "out of area" phone number.  




               There are few Pool & Spa Service and Repair companies that maintain my standards for quality, value and integrity. One of the Best in the valley is Daniel from "Volkom Pools".  I recommend him highly. He can be reached at:


Volkom Pools


(480) 343-2059


 Please tell him that you found him here at the site. His quality work, high standards, consistency, reasonable rates, ... over many years have earned him a position on my site that no one else has earned.


             If you cannot reach me for an emergency situation, first shut off your equipment, then give Daniel a call.



For e-mail answers to your pool problems: Send your questions to: 





            Yes, I train pool service and repair personnel on how to run a pool business, and how to do both service & repair on all makes & models of pools & equipment. If you want to receive in-depth training from training in Pool Service techniques to replacing skimmers and tile, diagnosing leaks, repairs on pool and spa heaters, ... send me an e-mail. And - No, I do not do this for free. Yes, teaching others takes more time than doing the maintenance, or repair, myself.
 I also train home owners on specific care for “their” specific pool.  In the area, I will show up at your home, and let you video tape me as I go through every aspect of your pool's operation, all of the maintenance and cleaning instructions, how to backwash or clean cartridge elements, chemicals to buy, how to test, what to test for, when to test for it, equipment condition, how to service it, with approximate lifespan of what you have, cost to replace, replacement options, budgeting recommendations, ... the works. Then, when you have a question, all you have to do is watch the video. Plus, you get a lifetime of being able to ask questions, and get answers, over the phone, for free.
Repair Work for Other Pool Companies
            If you are a pool service/repair company, but do not want training, I pay 20% of the profits earned as a referral fee for any work you refer my way. I currently work with a number of companies providing repair service for their clients at this rate. I also have an A+ rating on Angie’s List. And the BBB says I have their top rating as well. Even the companies I do repair work for have A+ ratings for their repairs. If you want someone reliable and trustworthy to do your repairs, and you want to make 20% of what I make just for making a call, call me. I will do everything in my power to make sure both you, and your clients, are ecstatic with the results. I trust the information you see here will attest to both my knowledge and my ethics. (Other arrangements made on a case by case basis.)



About the Owner:

          Mike Aschenbrenner, The owner of A Awesome Pool & Spa Service and Repair, Mesa AZ, has been servicing and repairing pools & spas and their associated equipment since the early 80's.



            He is well known for his willingness to assist people over the phone, at no charge, in solving their own pool problems, and for telling the clients what is in their best interests, even if it means talking them out of having me do an expensive repair or equipment install. This web site is a continuation of those same efforts. It's all about what's best for you.



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