Blockage in Suction Line(s)

Blockage in the Suction Line(s)


If you have a blockage in the suction lines, there will be very little, if any, water flow into the pump, and thus little or no water flow into the filter. 

The following scenarios are possible:

1.) The Cleaning System Line is Plugged (This is the most likely, if you have a suction side cleaner.




2.) You have a Plugged Skimmer Line




3.) Both


In most cases it is best to call a pool repair person. Then make sure you install a Leaf Canister (If you have a Suction Side Cleaner). Or Keep Your Skimmer Baskets Emptied / Repaired. If this happened once, it will happen again. Plan on it. Prevention is cheaper than repairs.


See "Equipment"   "Plumbing"   "Plugged Suction Pipes" (Click HERE!) for some things you can do to resolve this issue