Green To Clean Service

So What is Green to Clean Service?
        It is a service designed to take any swimming pool from green to crystal clear within 3 days.
        It includes all chemicals and rental & Hookup of the filter, pump, ... everything that is needed.
Who Needs It?
            1.) Anyone with a Green Pool & a Cartridge Filter. Why? Because cartridge filters get quickly plugged with algae, and with an hour a clean, you can easily spend over 8 hours JUST CLEANING CARTRIDGE ELEMENTS over 3 days. Most home owners do not have the time to do a proper job of keeping cartridge elements clean. Problem: If you do not keep the elements clean during the entire process, you will either make no process, or even go backwards. Using different equipment, and leaving the customers equipment off, makes sense.
                2.) Sand filters do not pull algae out of pools easily or quickly. Customers using a sand filter to clear up their own pool may need to backwash every 5 minutes, then every 10 minutes, every 20 minutes, ... over at least 3 days, usually a full week. That's a lot of time, and a lot of consistent, persistent effort to invest. 
                2.) Anyone who doesn't want to fight with green or cloudy water over days or weeks, and just wants the results, will want to utilize this service.
                3.) Given the time it takes to turn a green pool around, the cost of the chemicals involved, the wear and tear on the equipment, ... the cost is well worth it  for those that want guaranteed results in a very short period of time.
Drawbacks to the service ...
                1.) Cost -
                a.) Purchasing the quality of equipment that can remove the volume of gunk from a pool that I regularly come across, is not cheap. Also, what is good for a normal home situation is not good for this purpose, and visa versa.
                            b.) but : The Chemicals that are used are the exact same as what would be used if the customer was turning things around with their own equipment. So there is no increase in the price here.
                            c.) There are a number of service calls that need to happen, usually 2 the first day, and one on each of the days that follow.  We are talking 8-10 hours of time, easy. This is not cheap, even at discounted rates.