How Do I Get Rid of Dirt in My Pool? I Have Sand, Dirt or Powder in my Pool. I Get a Lot of Leaves and Debris in My Pool. What Can I Do?

There are 2 possible sources of dirt and debris in your pool.
                 The first is the filter media itself is coming back into the pool.
         If you have a sand filter, and you have sand in your pool, or You have a D.E. filter, and you get a white powder with some dirt back in your pool, click on the category, directly below, that reads "D.E. or Sand on Pool Bottom".  
         For Filter media, i.e. "D.E. or Sand on Pool Bottom", Click HERE.
For all "Other" situations involving dirt or Debris, go to the "Dirt & Debris (Other than Sand or D.E.)" Click HERE.
Category, again, directly below this paragraph.