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 Proper Pool Maintenance

                    Operation Times   
                    Water Chemistry
                    Water Circulation
                    Green To Clean Service
                                    Algae- On My Pool Surface
                                    Algae – In My Pool Water
             Dirty, Green or Cloudy Water(The Following are “Causes” of Dirty, Green or Cloudy Water. Which Issues are Yours?)
                                    BackwashValve Problems
                                    Blockage in the Suction Lines
                                    Improper Equipment operating Times
                                    Filter Problems
                                    High Dirt, Debris or Bather Load
                                    Improper Water Circulation
                                    Leaks (See Leaks)
                                    Motor, Pump or Impeller Problem
                                    Suction or Floor Head Cleaning Systems
                                    Water Chemistry

Loose Dirt, Sand, Powder or Debris in the Pool

                           Sand or D.E. on Bottom of Pool
                                    Dirt or Debris on Bottom of Pool (Other than Sand or D.E.) 

Arizona’s New Motor Law

Pool Problems, Details, Solutions, ...
                            Electrical Diagnosis
                            All Equipment Not Working
                            Control /Timer Systems Only Not Working
                            Lights Only Not Working 
                       Pump/Motor Only Not Working
 Equipment Problems
                Back-Wash Valve Service and Repair
                             Chlorination / Sanitation Service and Repair 
                                        Floating Chlorinator Service and Repair
                                        In Line or In Deck Chlorinator Service and Repair
                                        Ionator Service and Repair
                                        Ozonator Service and Repair
                                        Salt System Service and Repair  
                            Cleaning System Service and Repair
                                        Pressure Side Cleaner Service and Repair
                                        Suction Side Cleaner Service and Repair
                               Diving Board Service and Repair
                             Filter Service and Repair
                                        Air In Filter
                                        Filter Leaks
                                        Filter Not Working
                                        Filter Maintenance / Cleaning
                                                    D.E. Filters
                                        Filter Pressure
                                                    Too High
                                                    Too Low
                             Heaters / Heat Service and Repair
                                            Annual Maintenance
                                            High Operating Costs
                                            Operation Instructions
                                            Heater Preventative Plumbing/Service
                                            Won’t Heat
                           Motors/Pumps Service and Repair
                                            Pump Can’t Get Prime
                                            Pump Leaks
                                                        Pump Seal Leak (Housing)
                                                        Pump Motor Seal Leak (Around Pump Motor Shaft)
                                                        Suction Leak at Front of Pump
                                                        Leak at plumbing fitting at the top of the pump
                                            Motor Noise
                                            Pump Not Working
                                            Pump/Pool Motor Trips Breakers
                             Skimmer Lid Blowing Off / Skimmer Basket Out of Place
                             Valve Service and Repair
                             Water Flow Problems
                                            Low/No Pressure
                                            No Prime
                                            Plugged Lines
                                            High Pressure – No/Low Water Flow
                             Water Leveler Service and Repair
                        Burning Eyes
                        Chlorine Smell
                        Skin Irritation
                        Pink Eye
                        Chlorine Allergies
            Leaks / Water Loss
                        Pool Leak Diagnosis
                        Leaks - Back-Wash Valve
                        Leaks – Filter
                        Leaks – Plumbing
                                    Above Ground
                                    Below Ground
                                    Leaks - Unknown                     
             Leaks – Pump
                        Leaks - Structural
                        Leaks – Suction
            Plumbing Problems
                        Leaks (See Above)
                        Plugged Lines
            Pool Surface Problems
                        Algae on Pool Surface
                        Calcium Nodules
                        Cracks in Pool Surface
                        Delamination/Hollow Spots
                        Etched / Rough Pool Surface
                        Porous Surface
                        Rebar Spots
                        Stained or Discolored
            Pump Problems
               Tile/Water Line Problems
                        Algae in Grout
                        Calcium Deposits
                        Tile Cracked
                        Tile Grout Missing
                        Tile loose & Falling Off
             Water Problems
                        Algae In Pool Water
                        Pool Water Cloudy
                        Hard Pool Water
                                    Floating Chlorinator - Reviews
                                    In Line/ In Deck Chlorinators – Reviews
                                    Ozonators – Reviews
                                    Salt Systems – Review
                                    The Best, Simplest, Cheapest, Chlorination & Sanitation Option

Cleaning System Reviews

                                The Best Cleaning System
                                The Best Suction Side Cleaning System

Filter Reviews

                                    Cartridge Filter Reviews
                                    D.E. Filter Reviews
                                    Sand Filter Reviews
                                    The Best Filter Type for You
                      Heater / Heat Pump Reviews
                                Best Heater Plumbing
                                Heating Essentials - Pool Covers

Pool Design – Best

                                    Best Pool Depth
                                    Best Plumbing  & Plumbing Layout
                                    Best Pool Shape
                                    Best Skimmer(s)
                                    Best Pool Surface
                                    Best Tile / Water Line Treatment
                            Best Pumps / Motors
                                    Best Pump & Skimmer Baskets
  (Note: A number of the following categories have links where you can get quite a bit more information on what is involved with your specific repair.)
 Some More Important Issues:



 Locational "Truth" : The Location of your pool or spa matters in the diagnosis ...


            I have had 2 pools on different sides of the same street, drained and refilled within 2 days of each other. One had a hardness reading of 700 PPM out of the tap, the other had a hardness reading of 350 PPM. The city changed the well that the water came from within that 2 day period. One had to have their pool drained the next year, the other could wait 2 years. The two clients talked with each other, and the client that had to have their pool drained was upset. 


            There are 2 reasons for bringing this up this previous example: The First is: Just because your neighbor, next door, has been able to do something, and get away with it, with no apparent ill effects, does not mean that your pool or spa, is not "different" in some important aspect, that will require you to do "different work" to properly maintain it. The Second is: Different environmental variables, pool usage differences, differences in landscaping, differences in temperatures, differences in exposure to the sun, ... all effect "Some" of the diagnosis, and thus, "some" of the resulting, diagnosis, and solutions. 


            What I offer on this site is general information that is NOT customized to fit ALL pools in every area of the country, or the world. This information, while applicable to "most" areas around the country, is "Specialized" based on "General Conditions" for the area in, and around, Phoenix Arizona. Everything makes a difference, as shown above, even different water from wells, with different chemical compositions, different pool surfaces, different equipment, different operational times, ... NOT TO MENTION BEING FROM A DIFFERENT PART OF THE COUNTRY, can make for a completely different diagnosis of problems and issues and a different diagnosis of needs. (And people wonder why a disclaimer is necessary.)


            I guarantee the work, and the diagnosis, that I do “IN PERSON”. I make no statements as to the accuracy, completeness, correctness for your given pool or equipment, ... via the web or the phone. Again, thus the disclaimer. No trustworthy, ethical, doctor, or pool man, will diagnose you over the web, or over the phone, either. Sorry, the patient needs to be seen. That's the way it is.
            Consider this site to be information to test the person you will have coming out to do the work on your pool. (Hopefully it is me.). You can check what they say, and see if their information coincides with what you see here. They may have a different diagnosis, AND THEY MAY BE CORRECT, for your area, for your pool, ... or maybe not.
            Ask them questions based on what you find on this site. It they stammer and stutter, or having no concept of the topics and issues contained in this site, it is probably a bad sign. Find a new pool man. Try and find someone in your area with 25 plus years of servicing 50 plus pools a week, who has also been doing repairs on them for the same period of time. ASK!!! Make sure they have worked on all types of pools, and all types of equipment. Then, assuming they are honest, you will have confirmation from someone qualified in your area, on Your equipment, at your home.
    After about 30 years, I can give, in most cases, give accurate estimates based on accurate answers to the questions I ask over the phone, for the Phoenix area, over 95% of the time. I can also list all the exceptions that will result in higher costs, and what those approximate costs could be, as well.)   



Why Give the Information Contained on this Site, Away?


           "As you give, so shall you receive"*. While this bible passage is out of context, being quick to show others that you intend on helping them, and not seeking to take every possible nickel from them, establishes a track record that few businesses follow. If they are quick to take your money, or to offer advise that benefits them by selling you specific equipment, chemicals, ... their own self interests are served. On this site, you have the opposite. In most cases, I am not going to make money by you following my advise. Most people reading this will not be in the Phoenix area in the East portion of it. In this case, someone else will make the money.
            I have no interest in selling you specific items, chemicals, ... as I am going to make the same regardless of your willingness to follow my suggestions, or if you ignore them completely. I do not sell things on my site. I don't make a dime. This site establishes the fact that I am there to help, not to gouge anyone.
            Where do I make my money? When I drive a half hour each way to just show up at your home, and use the knowledge I have gained over the last 30 years to assist you, doing only what is in your best interests, and continue the pattern established here on this site. The rates I charge are reasonable considering my experience and knowledge. As a matter of fact, I make the most money off of the people who "saved 20%" by going with someone with less knowledge and experience, and who made the problem worse. People who want to save money, get those that don't know what they are doing and are experimenting on their pool. If what they do doesn't work, no big deal, their lower process result in a lot more pools to experiment on. How much can you save off my prices? Possibly up to 20-25%, but this is very rare. Of course if it doesn't work, or only works temporarily, you will have paid them, and then me. Other people's mistakes and problems make me most of my income.
            No, I am not out to get anyone. I have given freely. Some day you may need my help, may contact me, and you may have the opportunity to reward me for what you have freely received.
    * This bible passage was given in the context of providing for those in need, specifically in the church, who, while doing their very best to work to provide for their families, still had a lack in providing food and clothing for them. God goes on to talk about how our abundance is to meet the needs of these hard working, but under earning, people now, so that later on, should the situation reverse, their abundance can meet our "need" as well. In giving "hilariously", never grudgingly, or under compulsion, God promises to multiply the seed (Offerings) they give so that they can give even more. Note: If you want to discuss the bible, send me an e-mail.



If you disagree with anything you see listed on this site: 

        If you disagree with ANYTHING said on this site, or feel that the information is incomplete, inaccurate, ... please send me an e-mail. Please indicate the area(s) of dispute, and your reasons. I am more than happy to make corrections, and to give you credit for them. Also, if I did not cover your area of concern, or cover it as thoroughly as you would like, again, drop me a note. My e-mail is:



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